The HUD menu, displayed when a path is selected, is fully configurable. If you create a directory within your home directory (c:\users\<username> on windows, /home/<username> on *nix) named ".deepnode", the console will look in there for a menu configuration file named "scripts.txt". This file specifies the menu subitems for the "actions" line - underneath the 4-part description of the selected path. Each line in the scripts.txt file results in one menu option. Here's an example line:

l tracert _h
(That first character is a lower case L)

This runs tracert, the windows traceroute command, locally (that's what the "l" is for) with a target of the currently selected host. "_h" is a macro which always returns the currently selected host. The available macros are:

_k    raw 4-level path
_h    host portion of the path
_p    4-level path with spaces
_1    first level of path (network)
_2    second level of path (domain/subnet)
_3    third level of path (host)
_4    fourth level of path (port/service/message)

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